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Audient Sono - Guitar Amp for Guitar Modeling with Two-Note Power Amplifier, Booth Simulation, and 3-Band Analog Tone Control (The Ultimate Audio Interface for Guitarists with TORPEDO Remote SOFTWARE)

Guitar Recording Interface SONO Audient The first guitar audio interface, combining a definitive valve preamp and 3-band tone control with the famous two-note power amp and cabinet simulation, giving you a wide variety of tonal options from the start. Play, record and perform with your own custom tones whether you're recording, practicing, or playing concerts.

Main features of the sono audio interface for hearing modeling Sono Amp

  • 10.0 in / 4out
  • 2 x ASP Audient Console Microphone Pre
  • 1 x Ultimate Valve Guitar Preamp
  • On board Two DSP notes
  • Two Note Torpedo Remote Software
  • Guitar Power Amp Drive Stage
  • 3-band tone control
  • Amplifier output (direct output)
  • 3 customizable amp presets.
  • Digitally expandable through ADAT
  • Class leading converters
  • Advanced headphone output
  • Low latency monitoring
  • USB 2.0 High Speed ​​(USB-C)

  • Audient Sono Amp modeling audio interface features

  • Amplifier output - output through any amplifier and beat register
  • Low Latency Digital Expansion Tracking - Record Your Band
  • Built to last: your tone, everywhere.
  • Low latency tracking Record your band - Get better performance
  • Record on the go - Capture creativity fast
  • Jam at home - Great shades at low volume
  • Record your performance live - Your place in history
  • The best audio interface for guitarists with TORPEDO REMOTE SOFTWARE

    • 24-Bit / 96 kHz
    • 10 x 4 Amp Modeling Audio Interface
    • 2 x Combo inputs mic / line with Audient Class A microphone preamp (60 dB gain)
    • Instrument input with tube preamp including 12AX7 tube and 3-band tone control
    • ADAT optical input (8-channel / 48 kHz, 4-channel / 96 kHz)
    • 2 TRS jack line outputs
    • Stereo headphone output
    • Latency-free monitoring
    • Re-amp output
    • OnBoard Two Notes DSP
    • 3 Freely configurable cab presets
    • Metal desktop housing
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 210 x 80 x 150 mm
    • Includes two notes Torpedo Remote Software


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