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Lewitt's LCT 840 is a premium-class externally polarized dual-diaphragm tube microphone designed to excel in a variety of demanding applications. Equipped with a precision-engineered 1-inch capsule, the LCT 840 stands for exceptionally warm and classic, solid vintage sound. Perfectly suited for miking vocals and instruments, this rugged multi-purpose microphone allows for highly nuanced and authentic sound reproduction in the studio and even on stage. Five switchable polar patterns - omni-directional, cardioid, figure-8, wide-cardioid and super-cardioid - make the LCT 840 a highly versatile tool for professional audio engineers and performers looking for true and authentic tube sound. Like all Lewitt mics, the LCT 840 stands out for its extremely low self-noise of 9 dB and effective rejection of off-axis sounds. The microphone features three levels of attenuation and three switchable high-pass filters, LEDs and push-buttons for noiseless handling on the power supply unit. Apart from user-friendly operating controls and advanced technological features so essential to memorable recordings, the LCT 840 also makes an eye-catching design statement: the microphone is equipped with a Plexiglas inspection window on the front side of the body, so the illuminated tube itself is fully exposed. The inside window surface is coated with a highly conductive, yet transparent film preventing electromagnetic interference. Based in Vienna, Lewitt stands for high-performance microphones designed to deliver unaltered, authentic sound for memorable recordings. Their exclusive use of high-quality components and advanced technological features ensures that Lewitt mics capture every sonic detail.

  • Classic tube design
  • Tubes: 12AX7
  • Can be operated by both remote control and power supply
  • Directional characteristic: Omni-directional, Wide Cardioid, Cardioid, Supercardioid, Figure-8
  • Frequency range: 20 - 20,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 23 mV/Pa, -33 dBV/Pa (cardioid) / 20 mV/Pa, -34 dBV/Pa (omnidirectional) / 23 mV/Pa, -33 dBV/Pa (figure-8)
  • Equivalent noise level: 9 dBA
  • SPL (sound pressure level): 139 dB
  • 0 dB Pre-attenuation
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 85 dB (A)
  • Dynamic range: 130 dB-A
  • Internal impedance: 200 Ohm
  • Rated load impedance: 1000 Ohm
  • Power supply voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz / 110 V, 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 170 mA
  • Gold-plated 11-pin XLR connector
  • Includes a microphone shock mount, windshield, 11-pin audio cable, LCT 840 PSU, and a transport case

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